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MedTeam Aesthetics


Erica Williams

I have been to many spas over the years, but MedTeam Aesthetics is by far the best that I have been to. It is a wonderful place and the atmosphere is very pleasant and relaxing. Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed some changes in my skin, so I scheduled an appointment. At my first visit I was informed my of my skin conditions and changes and my concerns were addressed. After starting my laser treatment I have noticed such a difference in my skin and only after two treatments! I am excited to see the results after my series of six.

Kimberly Withers

MedTeam Aesthetics is not only a good place to rejuvenate your face and body but is good for your health as well. Not only did I feel pampered at my sessions but they gave me an individualized skincare regimen to help me look and feel my best. They have a number of spa treatments that help calm and remove impurities from your skin, with non-abrasive techniques and soothing treatments that are designed to maintain the natural beauty and health of your skin. My skin has never felt and looked better and I have MedTeam Aesthetics to thank for that!

10 Things That Really Keep Your Skin Firm

In a bathroom somewhere, a woman is stroking her jawline, hoping to remind her skin where it used to sit. Another is trying to follow the directions—in French—of a new facial-massage technique. And in that special place where desperation meets magical thinking, another is actually considering a face bra. When women confront the force that holds the moon in the earth’s orbit, is it any wonder we fall for gimmicks and hype?

Injectables: Fact or Fiction?

There’s no denying that more and more people are getting cosmetic injections—botulinum toxin injections alone (Botox, Dysport) increased a whopping 759 percent between 2000 and 2015. But despite their growing popularity, there’s still a lot of contradictory information surrounding these beauty shots. “Everyone knows about injectables, but lots of people come in with preconceived notions,” says New York City dermatologist Paul Jarrod Frank. To help clear up the confusion, here’s the real deal on what’s true and what’s an urban (beauty) legend.